Top Tips That Will Make Learning German Fun And Easy

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What’s your motivation to learn the German language?

  1. Are you planning to settle down in Germany?
  2. Are you planning to travel to Germany?
  3. Is German a part of your course in school/college?
  4. Are you preparing for an exam?
  5. Are you a polyglot who loves learning a new language?

Whatever your motivation be, there is no reason for you to find learning German difficult and burdensome.

Do you find yourself struggling to learn German? Are you unable to understand the rules of grammar? Do you continuously pronounce the words wrong?

Don’t worry. In this blog, you’ll find some great tips that will help you work on your problem areas and make learning German fun and easy.

1. Culture is the Best Way to Learn a New Language

To develop command on a new language as good as a native speaker, you cannot just rely on books. Learning from the culture of that nation is the best way to make your language learning interesting and quick.

Here’s what you can do –

  1. Start watching German movies with subtitles in your language. This way, you’ll be able to pick up accent and pronunciation.
  2. Start reading German books. You can begin with German books for children and slowly proceed further from there.
  3. Start listening to German music. It has been proven that music is one of the best ways to pick up a new language fast.

By doing this, you’ll engage your different senses in understanding German and will be able to develop a good command over it. And not to forget, all the new knowledge that you will obtain from this! If you are someone who loves to learn, this is the best way to go about.

2. Communication is the Key

What do you need to do to make learning something new interesting? You need to take out the elements that make it boring in the first place. Practicing speaking German all by yourself is not only boring but also futile. It is rote learning.

When you are communicating with someone, your mind actively engages in it. Therefore, find a partner to practice German. You can look for someone in your social group or you can use online chat rooms.

  1. Online ClassesFor working professionals, it’s difficult to pick up a book at the end of the day to start with your German practice. Your mind is already exhausted from the hectic day at work and all that black text in the book is not helping in any way to ignite that learning spark in you.Online classes are the best solution in such cases. You can take classes at your chosen time slot and from the comfort of your home. You can schedule your classes for the time when your brain is most active.

Moreover, online classes are 1-2-1 based so you get complete attention from your tutor. Click here to learn German language online.

4. Make it a Part of your Favorite Hobby

When you make learning German a part of things that you love to do, you will breeze through it easily.

Let’s say you love cooking, then try reading recipes in German or watch cooking videos in German. This way, you’ll pick up names of vegetables, condiments, cooking processes (boiling, deep freeze, frying, etc.) in German. Fun, isn’t it?

Similarly, if you love knitting, you can know all the knitting-based vocabulary in German. So whatever your hobby be – reading books, watching movies, sports, dancing, etc. – do it the German way!

5. Set up Short Interesting Goals

What’s the most difficult part of learning any language? GRAMMAR!

Most of us even struggle with the grammar of our own native language. It has become such a common sight to notice grammar Nazis pointing out mistakes online. Well, they certainly don’t understand the ordeal of people struggling with grammar.

However, there is a way out to remember grammar rules. Set for yourself short interesting task.

Are you a gym freak? Instead of counting while doing push-ups, count the type of verbs in the German language.

Do you have a habit of waking up to an alarm? Challenge yourself to only turn off the alarm when you could successfully remember all the tenses in German.

You can even download mobile games based on German grammar that you can play while commuting.

It’s a great way for revision too. There are endless ideas that you can think this way. So get going!

6. Try Thinking in German

We are most comfortable in the language that we use while thinking. If you want to develop a good command over German, this is one of the best ways to go about. Whenever you are thinking something, try to talk to yourself in German.

You can also do monologues. You can write your thoughts about a particular topic in German and then recite it.

7. Be Comfortable About Making Mistakes

Learning is never a smooth process. You are bound to make mistakes and sometimes, it takes a great deal of efforts to finally get something right.
You are living in a misconception if you think you will get it right in one go, or that making mistakes means you are not competent enough to learn German.

Be comfortable about the idea of making mistakes and don’t get yourself frustrated, depressed, or demotivated when you make one or many! Whenever you find yourself stuck, relax and find what went wrong and focus on your problem area.

Wrapping Up

You are embarking on a journey to learn a new language that will open up for you new doors of opportunities and knowledge. Be excited about it and enjoy your journey. We hope these tips will help you learn better and effectively.

To learn German Language online, check out Gill Communication’s interactive online classes here.

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