Question #1 “The easiest way to learn German”, what does it mean?
  • In the entire world German is regarded extremely difficult. But in my experience German is really easy. It is my job to make you learn & speak German. In Hindi (Roman) like these FAQs style (and for Urdu speakers in Urdu) through notes & videos, you will learn German online in the easiest, happiest, fastest and funniest way ever possible.
    Question #2 What is your German online teaching method?
  • Firstly, to teach grammar and vocabulary with notes, images, videos etc. Secondly, to train you with native German speakers. Thirdly, to train you for exam. Finally, to cover all angles.
    Question #3Why only your German online course is the best?
  • Because it is made after a lot of research. In our online German course, you get prepared Fast.
    Question # 4 Do I have to cram?
  • No, because we teach in the easiest possible way.
    Question # 5 Do you provide extra time in online classes?
  • Yes, we can provide extra time. In morning one hour class, then in evening free one hour practice session. In this method your German will be the easiest (asaan) and the strongest (chataan).
    Question # 6 Who can join online German classes?
  • Every human being who wants to get maximum German in minimum time.To study in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. To work in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. To pass German exam from Goethe, Max Müller Bhavan or Telc. To get nationality of Germany, Switzerland or Austria.
    Question # 7 Why only online German classes?
  • Because we want to save your Time, Money and Energy. Keeping in mind traffic issue, waste of money and energy, we offer only Online German classes. You can learn German from your home or from anywhere and can get your German target in minimum time.
    Question # 8 Which German levels are offered?
  • A 1, A 2, B 1.
    Question # 9 In A 1 level what is A 1.1 and A 1.2?
  • A 1 full course we do in one month. We save your time, energy and money.
    Question # 10 What are these German levels?
  • Common European Framework of Reference divided German in these 6 levels: A 1, A 2, B 1, B 2, C 1, C 2.
    Question # 11 What is the difference in these levels?
  • A 1 is the first level, it is basic everyday German. (A 1 is the most important level, whether you want only A 1 or A 2 or B 1 because A 1 level is the base of your German). A 2 level takes you beyond A 1. (A 2 offers you more grammar and vocabulary. It is good to get a basic job in Germany, Switzerland or Austria). B 1 level is after A 1 and A 2. Pre-intermediate. (With A 1 & A 2 grammar, vocabulary of B 1 is added. B 1 from Goethe/ Max Müller Bhavan is very good for a good job in Germany, Switzerland or Austria).
    Question # 12 Do you offer B 1 level, without doing A 1 level and A 2 level?
  • Yes, sure. But for this, daily you need to provide 5 to 7 hours.
    Question # 13 What are the timings of Online German classes?
  • For Indians - Indian time. For Urdu speakers - Indian/Pakistani time. For Germany, Switzerland, Austria - Swiss time. For Americans & all others - Swiss time.
    Question # 14 Do you teach on your Delhi India address?
  • I live in Switzerland. I love India but I do not teach in India. German I teach only online.
    Question # 15 Do you offer online classes on weekend?
  • Yes, sure. But weekend online classes are only for those who cannot attend week days classes. Weekend online classes are for professionals.
    Question # 16 What is the duration of online German courses?
  • A 1 (A 1.1 and A 1.2) is 3 months course but we complete it in Only 1 month. A 2 (A 2.1 and A 2.2) is 3 months course but we complete it in Only 1 month. B 1 (B 1.1 and B 1.2) is 3 months course but we complete it in Only 1 month (you need to provide more time for this).
    Question # 17 How much is the fee?
  • A 1 Only Swiss franc 150 (Almost: Only Euro 138, INR 10,640, Pak 24,365). A 2 Only Swiss franc 250 (Almost: Only Euro 229, INR 17,731, Pak Rs 40,610). B 1 Only Swiss franc 300 (Almost: Only Euro 275, INR 21,378, Pak Rs 48,730). Note 1: This fee is to study in a group. Note 2: This is monthly fee. ICU German (from zero to B1 degree in one month also possible) fee alone or group Only Swiss franc 2000. Submit fee only in swiss franc.
    Question # 18 Why fee is so less?
  • So that all can learn German online.
    Question # 19 Do I have to pay for books apart from fee?
  • No. You need to pay only fee, then books and notes are all free?
    Question # 20 Is it possible to pay fee in installment?
  • Sorry, it is not possible.
    Question # 21 Any discount?
  • No one in the world teaches you best German online in this fee. Simply, this fee is with discount as it is only introductory fee. After some time, fee can be more.
    Question # 22 Free demo class is possible?
  • Yes, quite happily. Before our demo class, it is good if you can please check others teaching method. Then have a Free demo with us, you will notice the difference.
    Question # 23 Do you provide a certificate after the course completion?
  • Your preparation is your certificate.
    Question # 24 What is the guarantee of result?
  • You learn with us honestly, then we can provide a 100 % guarantee of result.
    Question # 25 My English is not so good. To learn German, do I need to have English?
  • You do Not need English to learn German. Even if you do not know a single word of English even then it is no problem. Truly, we teach you German online in Hindi Roman or Urdu. If you know either Hindi Roman or Urdu then you can learn German.
    Question # 26 For Muslim women, do you offer separate class where only female teachers teach?
  • Yes, quite happily. With full respect, we teach Muslim women in a separate class. Your teachers are also women.
    Question # 27 Which books I should buy?
  • No book.We have bought several books, now you do not need to buy any book. With easy notes, we teach you. We have made these notes, quite sincerely, so that you can learn German in the easiest and the fastest way.