Meet Our Team Members

Sadia Gill

Sadia Gill is your English teacher with 20 + years hands on experience. Her specialty is spoken English. She has trained hundreds of MBAs & BBAs in English Business communication. Since 2010, she has been learning & teaching German. She completed Goethe German B 1 certificate. Since 2017, she has been teaching German online.You can get more information about her professional profile on Google by writing Sadia Gill Vernon. For her LinkedIn profile, just write Sadia Gill Communication. From her unique teaching method, you will learn German Fast. On this link you can have her message in Hindi/ Urdu.

Vicky Sir

Vicky sir is Swiss. He was born in India. In Switzerland he completed his education. He speaks Swiss German, German, English and Hindi/Urdu.
From his 18 years of German speaking experience, you will get a chance to improve your German. On this link you can have his message in German & Swiss German.
Vicky sir

Fabienne Mam

Fabienne mam is born in Switzerland. She lives in Switzerland as well. Swiss German is her mother tongue. She also speaks German, French, Italian and bit of English. She is a proud mother of two kids. With her husband, she takes care of her kids. From her belief that in language, communication matters the most, you will be encouraged to polish your German.